and benefits

 More control and efficiency in monitoring processes.

With Br Export you do not only hire the transport service, but all the steps that are involved in export processes. The company is responsible for monitoring your product from start to finish and taking care of any unforeseen events.


Decrease in operational and administrative costs.

By outsourcing exports you make a much lower initial investment. Instead of having to buy software, equipment and even the know-how of the export process, you hire a company that already has it all. Your client can hire the services according to your company’s needs and benefit from reduced logistical costs because Br Export has a much larger volume of transactions with greater negotiating powers and offers more affordable values.


Team specialized in export logistics and foreign trade.

The benefits of having specialists at your disposal: more experienced people, more controlled processes and a guarantee of suitability and compliance with legislation.


Focus on your main activity.

Of course, you and your team can also choose to take another path: learn everything about exporting and stay experts on the subject. However, why do this if you can focus on what you already know how to do best?
Developing know-how in export logistics takes a long time.

By outsourcing, you can direct all your efforts to improve your products, Have greater control of your company and optimize the processes directly related to your area of expertise.

Trading Company

Acting exclusively in the export business, we mediate negotiations between customers and suppliers, with service focused on the needs of each importer looking for products from different manufacturers in order to reduce deadlines and operational costs.


With logistical management we are able to provide our customers with the coordination and consolidation of goods, optimizing transportation costs, managing all the freight quotations enabling the best options of the transport model to be used.

Commercial representation

Through our know-how of over 20 years of experience in foreign trade, we are prepared to represent small and medium-sized companies in the foreign market, allowing companies without qualifications on the radar to internationalize their products.

After sales

After sales are completed, we provide our customers with technical delivery and training of all products and commercialized machines, in addition to all the technical support provided in case any equipment presents future problems.

Our partners








Br Export

thumb_03_60_60Walter Herrera Junior

General Cargo Logistic

“Much is discussed and confused about customer satisfaction or loyalty, what is fundamental? At GCL we understand that satisfaction leads to loyalty and with this philosophy we pave the basis of our relationship.
GCL and Br Export, are part of the same objective of practicing quality logistics. In this healthy relationship; people are key in a partnership that lasts 10 years, exactly the lifetime of GCL.”

thumb_02_60_60Francis Osei


“Our work for our customers involves various equipment and supplies from Brazil. With that, we need a very partner reliable and that understands the agribusiness sector in Brazil to indicate the best cost benefits for us. That’s where Br Export provide excellent services and logistical support. We are proud to say that they are essential to help us throughout this process and save a lot of money, while purchasing the best products according to our field needs.”

thumb_01_60_60Roberto Morales

Consultoria Tecnica Agricola SA

“I started working with Br Export in 2015, and we identified a reliable supplier, where we could negotiate better terms and conditions for innovative products in the sugar cane sector in addition to the logistics and the advantage of consolidating different brands and meeting new projects for their specific needs.
Br Export helped us a lot to accelerate the knowledge curve, bringing new concepts and cutting-edge technology to the Latin American market.